BIOL 1005 class resources

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Unit 1 (Chemistry and Cells):

Unit 2 (DNA, Cell Division, and Inheritance):

Unit 3 (Evolution and Diversity):

Unit 4 (Ecology):

PRACTICE questions (and answers)

The book includes a variety of practice questions, including Mastering Concepts (after each section), Figure It Out (within certain sections), Write It Out (end of chapter), Scientific Literacy (end of chapter), Get the Picture (end of chapter), and Pull It Together (end of chapter). Feel free to ignore questions or terms that we didn’t go over in class or lab.

Tip: Write out the answers to these questions from the textbook as a way to help you practice while you study.

Yes, but where are the answers? Each question isĀ  linked with its answer in the ebook. Don’t peek until you’ve WRITTEN your shot at each answer yourself, and KEEP WRITING until you can do it perfectly every time without relying on the key!