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Review sheets

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Useful Videos and activities

Getting help: What to expect at UC Action tutoringSuffering from FMOOWMP?

Unit 1: What is life? (Kurzgesagt)Characteristics of lifeQuick chemistry drag-and-drop  — What are you? (Kurzgesagt)Reading an evolutionary tree videoReading an evolutionary tree activity — The Inner Life of a CellCell size and scale activityOrganize-It (drag and drop)

Unit 2: (DNA replication, transcription, and translation) The Animated Genome —  Epigenetics of identical twins Viral replication video from class

Unit 3: Solving radiometric dating problemsRadiometric dating activityHow evolution REALLY works — Allele frequency activity — Natural and sexual selection in birdsReading an evolutionary tree videoReading an evolutionary tree activity — Tree of lifeHow did you get here? (ASAP Science)History of the world in 18 minutes (TED talk)How life came to land (TED-Ed)Human origins (Kurzgesagt)Pollination and fruit development [read the subtitles]

Rock pocket mouse video — I didn’t show this in class, but it does a great job connecting mutations to natural selection. Highly recommended.

Lizard video from classactually we skipped this in fall 2018. It’s still a good video for illustrating speciation, but you won’t be responsible for its specific contents this semester.

Unit 4: Parasitic Cordyceps fungi on arthropodsEcological succession on HawaiiThe Story of StuffGlobal climate change graphic from xkcd

PRACTICE questions (and answers)

Most of the practice questions in the documents below come from the textbook, including Mastering Concepts (after each section), Figure It Out (within certain sections), Multiple Choice (end of chapter), Write It Out (end of chapter), and Pull It Together (end of chapter). I have selected the ones that I think will help prepare you for each exam. Tip: Write out the answers to these questions from the textbook as a way to help you practice while you study.

Where are the answers? Each question is  linked with its answer in the ebook. Don’t peek until you’ve WRITTEN your shot at each answer yourself, and KEEP WRITING until you can do it perfectly every time without relying on the key!

Old exams and exam keys
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