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Useful Videos and activities

Getting help: What to expect at UC Action tutoringSuffering from FMOOWMP?

Unit 1: What is life? (Kurzgesagt)Characteristics of lifeQuick chemistry drag-and-drop  — What are you? (Kurzgesagt)Reading an evolutionary tree videoReading an evolutionary tree activity — The Inner Life of a CellCell size and scale activityOrganize-It (drag and drop)

Unit 2: (DNA replication, transcription, and translation) The Animated Genome —  Epigenetics of identical twins Worm mutation video from class (click on ep. 2 and start watching at 33:09)Virus video from class (click on ep. 2 and watch 7:20-12:36)

Unit 3: Solving radiometric dating problemsRadiometric dating activityHow evolution REALLY works — Allele frequency activity — Reading an evolutionary tree videoReading an evolutionary tree activity — Tree of lifeHistory of the world in 18 minutes (TED talk)How life came to land (TED-Ed)Human origins (Kurzgesagt)Pollination and fruit development [read the subtitles]

Rock pocket mouse video from classLizard video from class

Unit 4: Parasitic Cordyceps fungi on arthropodsEcological succession on HawaiiGlobal climate change graphic from xkcd

Guided reading questions

Tip: Write out the answers to these questions as a way to help you test your understanding as you study.

Answers to multiple-choice questions are in Appendix A of the book, and a link to the answer keys for open-ended questions appears below the list of guided reading questions.

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